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Si wafer thickness monitoring system

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Wafer mapping systems are for real time Si wafer measurement. This system has 3 types based on the mounted stage - Rθ, XY and RθXY.

SF-3Rθ does the mapping at high speed up to 12 inch wafer.

SF-3AA and SF-300AAF are a system with a pattern matching function and X-Y positioning. The accuracy of positioning is 2μm or less.

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  • Provides information on wafer thickness at high speed
  • Multi-point mapping
  • In-plane thickness measurement of a maximum Ø 300mm wafer
  • Incorporated into semiconductor processing equipment such as wafer grinding equipment and temporary bonders


  • Aligns fine patterns and provides various wafer thickness information
  • Mounts a high precision X-Y stage to make positioning accurate(± 2μm or less)
  • MEMS and sensor devices are measurable(option: 6, 8 and 12 inch)
  • Supports other than wafer shape

TypeRθ mapping systemhigh precision
X-Y mapping system
Integration mapping system
Stage typeRθ stageX-Y stageRθXY stage
Measurement systemprobeprobemicroscope head
Max. wafer sizeup to 300mmup to 300mm300mm
Wafer angle correction functionXOO
Pattern alignment functionXOO
Wafer thickness rangeSF-3 thickness sensor specification
Sizebody465(W) x 615(D) x 540(H)mm570(W) x 700(D) x 680(H)mm475(W) x 555(D) x 1,620(H)mm
controller430(W) x 430(D) x 210(H)mm500(W) x 177(D) x 273(H)mm

Rθ stage                                                                         X-Y stage

Measurement item
  • Patterned wafer
  • Silicon wafer, SiC, GaN, various compound wafers
  • Temporary wafer

Measured data

>  SF-3Rθ  Bonded wafer(Si / bonding / support substrate)

Si film thickness distribution(approx. 775μm)                                      Bonding film thickness distribution(approx. 15μm)

>  SF-3AA / SF-300AAF  Bonded wafer(Si / bonding / support substrate)

Si film thickness distribution(approx. 25μm)                                           Bonding film thickness distribution(approx. 25μm)