Wafer process

Si wafer thickness monitoring system 

SF-3 series

Wafer mapping systems 

SF-3Rθ, SF-3AA, SF-300AAF 

Load port compatible film thickness measurement




OPTM(UV SR) series

Spectro ellipsometer

FE-5000 series

Wafer process

Si wafer thickness monitoring system SF-3 series
  • Real-time measurement of Si wafer thickness at CMP or backside grinding

  • Non-contact and non-destructive measurement available

  • Original analytical algorithm for thickness measurement (patent granted)

Wafer mapping systems SF-3Rθ, SF-3AA, SF-300AAF
  • Real-time measurement of Si wafer thickness

  • 3 types of optional stage - Rθ, XY, RθXY

  • High precision and high speed measurement

Load port compatible wafer geometry metrology GS-300
  • Compatible with a spare unit of 300mm EFEM port

  • Pattern alignment of wiring patterns embedded in wafers
  • Responds to high throughput requirements of semiconductor process


Microscopic spectro-photometer OPTM(UV SR) series
  • An optical system measuring with a wide wavelength range from UV to NIR
  • Able to measure under non-contact, non-destructive condition with high speed microscopic less than one second
  • Measures the absolute reflectance of sample to obtain accurate film thickness and optical constant(n, k)

Spectro ellipsometer FE-5000 series
  • Ellipsometry measurement for both visible and ultraviolet-ray range(250 ~ 800nm)
  • Applied with automatic angle adjusting mechanism
  • High operability with optical constant database and recipe registration function

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