High speed retardation measurement

High speed retardation measurement

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RE-200 measures low retardation adopting an optical axis with high precision - 3σ ≦ 0.02°. Since the polarization intensity pattern is obtained in one shot, the polarizer rotation mechanism is not necessary and the system realizes not only the world's fastest measurement time but stable performance for extended use.

 Features  (*option)
  • Possible to measure low(residual) retardation from 0nm

  • High-speed measurement of retardation simultaneously with optical axis detection(the world's fastest equivalent - to 0.1 seconds or less is possible)

  • High repeatability due to no drive unit

  • Less measurement items required to set and easier measurement method

  • Lineup includes various wavelengths in addition to 550nm

  • Rth measurement and omni-directional measurement possible(optional automatic rotation tilt jig is required)

  • *Combined with a tensile tester, photoelasticity can be evaluated simultaneously with the polarization characteristics of the film

Sample size10 x 10mm ~ 100 x 100mm
Wavelength range550nm(standard)
Retardation measurement range0nm ~ 1μm
Axis detection repeatability0.05°(at 3σ)
Detectorpolarization measurement module
Measurement spot diameter2.2 x 2.2mm
Light source100W halogen lamp or LED
Size and weight300(W) x 430(D) x 560(H)mm, approx. 20kg
Measurement item
  • Retardation(ρ[deg.], re[nm])

  • Main axis azimuth(θ [deg.])

  • Ellipticity(ε) / azimuth angle(γ)

  • Three-dimensional refractive index(NxNyNz)

Measurable samples

  • Retardation film, polarizing film, elliptical film, viewing angle improvement film and other functional films

  • Transparent and anisotropic materials such as resin and glass(strain and distortion in glass)

Measured data

> Viewing angle improvement film A

Example: viewing angle improvement film A graph

> Viewing angle improvement film B

Example: viewing angle improvement film B graph

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