Quantum efficiency measurement system

Quantum efficiency measurement system

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QE-2000 series

QE-2000 series measure absolute quantum efficiency. Any form of samples, including powders, liquids, solids, and films can be measured. Integrating hemisphere and high sensitivity detector adopted in QE-2000 series minimize the effects of stray light in the ultraviolet region and remove re-excitation. Various analytical functions and easy operation encourage you to obtain true values of phosphor characteristics.



  • Instantly measure absolute quantum efficiency(yield)

  • Re-excitation eliminating function available

  • Optically optimized using an integrating hemisphere

  • Greatly reduce stray light in the UV region adopting low-stray light multi-channel spectrometer as a detector


  • User friendly software

  • Easy cell loading and unloading

  • Compact design

  • Wavelength can be selected arbitrarily by using a spectrometer-type excitation light source

  • Automatic measurement is possible by specifying the excitation wavelength and step value on the software


  • Versatile samples; powder, liquid, solid and film

  • Various analysis functions

Detecting wavelength250 ~ 850nm
300 ~ 950nm
360 ~ 830nm360 ~ 1,100nm
Number of channel pixel512ch1,024ch512ch
Theoretical resolution per pixel
Detectorelectro-cooling CCD image sensor
AD resolution16bits
Spectrometer opticsflat field type(F=3, f=85.8mm)
Power supplyAC100-120V / AC200-230V

Quantum efficiency(yield), excitation wavelength dependency of quantum efficiency(yield),

reflectance spectra, PL excitation spectra, EEM(Excitation Emission Matrix), re-excitation

correction, emission spectra, transmittance, absorption spectra, color calculation(chromaticity,

CCT, Ra, etc.)

Excitation light source

Light source150W xenon lamp
Excitation wavelength250 ~ 800nm
Band widthFWHM 5nm / slit 0.6mm
Protection from excitation lightautomatic shutter

Measurement items

  • Quantum efficiency(yield)

  • Excitation wavelength dependency

  • Emission spectrum

  • PL excitation spectrum

  • EEM(Excitation Emission Matrix)

  • LED and OLED materials

  • Thin film state sample such as remote phosphor

  • Quantum dot, fluorescent probe, biotechnology, clathrate

  • Dye sensitized solar cell

  • Complex chemistry

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QE-2100 and its optional device
QE-2100 and its optional device

General-purpose type can be extended

according to applications other than standard functions

  • Automatic temperature dependency measurement of quantum efficiency available up to 300℃ (precision of ±1℃) [powder sample]

  • Temperature dependency measurement of quantum efficiency available from 20 to 150℃ (precision of ±1℃) [film sample]

  • Responds to various types of samples by constructing the optical system according to its application

  • Compatible with all luminous flux and light distribution measurement

  • Changeable to different wavelength ranges

  • Compatible with broadband(300~1600nm) specifications

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