Multi-sample nanoparticle size measurement


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This is a particle size analyzer using DLS(Dynamic Light Scattering) method and molecular weight analyzer using SLS(Static Light Scattering) method.

Various functions are included to improve quality management.

The new optical system is able to measure multiple samples at one time with a wide concentration range from dilute to concentrated.

In addition, it is a new product not immersed in the liquid(non-immersion type), so contamination is not an issue and up to 5 samples can be measured without stopping, when used without the auto-sampler.

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  • Simple and quick one-time setup of up to 5 samples each under different conditions

  • Measures both dilute and highly concentrated samples

  • Measures in 1 min.

  • Includes temperature gradient function

  • Contamination-free continuous measurement

  • Light and compact which is essential for laboratories

AS50(auto sampler)

  • Able to set up to 50 samples in a row

  • Adds samples as measure

  • Set samples in place easily

  • Replaces up to 50 samples at once

  • For organic solvents(glass disposable cell)

  • Sample vol. should be over 0.4 ml



Principledynamic light scattering method
Light source*high power semiconductor laser
Detectorhigh sensitive APD
Successive measurementup to 5 samples
Measurement range0.1nm ~ 10μm
Corresponding concentration**0.00001 ~ 40%
Temperature***0 ~ 90℃(with gradient function)
Size and weight240(W) x 480(D) x 375(H)mm, approx. 18kg
  • Analysis of average particle size(Cumulant approach)
  • Analysis of particle size distribution(Marquardt algorithm / NNLS
    / Contin algorithm / Unimodal algotithm)
  • Overlay of particle size distribution
  • Inverse correlation function/residual plot
  • Particle size monitor
  • Range of displayed particle size(0.1nm ~ 10μm)
  • Function to calculate mole
Optiontrace quantity cell(sample fluid volume fluorescent light block filter)

*this product is classified as class I according to JIS C 6802(laser safety standards)

**PS latex particle: 120nm: 0.00001 ~ 10% / Taurocholic acid: ~ 40%

***when use glass cell with batch cell holder / when use 5 attached cell holders of disposable cells 15 ~ 40℃

AS50(auto sampler)

Particle size range3nm ~ 10μm
Concentration range0.001 ~ 40%
Temperature range15 ~ 40℃
Successive measurementup to 50 samples
Sample volume0.4nm ~ 0.6mL
Size and weight240(W) x 480(D) x 275(H)mm, approx. 12kg
(nanoSAQLA + AS50: 480(W) x 480(D) x 375(H)mm, approx. 30kg)
Measurement items
  • Particle size range(0.1nm ~ 10μm)

  • Applicable concentration range(0.00001 ~ 40%)

  • Temperature range(0 ~ 90℃)