Film thickness line scanner

(offline type)

Film thickness line scanner(offline type)

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Film thickness line scanner(offline type) inspects in-plane film thickness unevenness using hyperspectral imaging for R&D or sampling inspection. 

Once the line scanning sensor passes through above the film collecting spectrum data, it provides thickness information of the film. The entire surface of the film can be measured with high speed and high accuracy.

  • Inspects thickness unevenness of film and other materials

  • Originally designed hardware(hyperspectral camera) and software
  • Reliability guaranteed FFT analysis result
  • High precision measurement(patented)
  • High speed measurement(50,000 points or more per min.)

Measurement itemfilm thickness(FFT)
Position resolution1mm or less
Measurement sizewidth: up to 250mm, length: no limitation
Wavelength range400 ~ 920nm
Pixel per wavelengthapprox. 0.6nm
Thickness measurement range2 ~ 250μm
Measurement interval10msec ~
Size and weight454(W) x 609(D) x 927(H)mm, approx. 60kg
Measured data

> PET film thickness

PET film has birefringence when enlonged, and the reflection spectrum is as shown in the figure. Our own processing method suppresses the effect of birefringence and enables highly accurate measurement.

> 250mm width film thickness