High sensitive imaging spectroradiometer

High sensitive imaging spectroradiometer

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Providing high-resolution results quickly and accurately at the display quality inspection is the most important role of a two-dimensional luminance meter. HS-1000H measures the color characteristics of the light source or display flawlessly by combining the color camera and spectroscopic luminance meter.

Regardless of the display size, HS-1000H is your optimum solution for compensation of self-luminescent display, evaluation of uniformity, spot inspection and performance evaluation of area light source or chip light source.

  • High speed measurement: 1.5sec. per frame at 1.0nit - more than 300% of time reduction compared to other products

  • High resolution: over 20m pixels in total area

  • Large area measurement: 65" display

  • Luminance measurement range: 0.05 ~ 3,000nit

  • Able to check luminance uniformity at desired points within the measured image

 Core technologies 
New 2 in 1 hybrid system

The two-dimensional spectrophotometer combines a color camera with a spectroscopic luminance meter that provides accurate luminance and chromaticity measurements, and is optimized for the evaluation and compensation of all displays, from small to large size, providing fast and accurate high resolution results.

  • 2 in 1 H/W & S/W

  • Luminance · chromaticity in-line optimization

  • Various FOV available

Sample measurement in various size: small and large display, μLED

  • Spectrum, luminance, color, CCT measurement of LCD, PDP, OLED and LED display

  • Spectrum, luminance, color, CRI measurement of lamp and luminaries

  • Benchmarking of various luminance or colorimeter instruments

  • Non-contact object color measurement