High sensitive spectroradiometer

High sensitive spectroradiometer

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HS-1000 is an ideal spectroradiometer for quality control of FPD(flat panel display) ranging from LCD, LED, micro LED to OLED. It covers a dynamic range of luminance levels from 0.005cd/m² to 400,000 cd/m². By adopting the electro-cooling linear array sensor and processing our original spectrometry signal, HS-1000 achieves the lowest noise and the highest accuracy measurement.

  • High precision spectroscopy method

  • Wide dynamic range of luminance from 0.005cd/m² to 400,000cd/m²

  • Wide spectrum range from 355nm to 835nm is compliant with CIE recommendation

  • Own optical design that lowers the polarization error to less than 1% enables high precision testing of products with polarization characteristics such as LCD

  • High speed; 1 sec for standard mode / 20msec for continuous mode

  • Wide luminance range without changing viewing angle(0.005cd/m² ~ 4,000cd/m² at 2°)

  • Stable measurement of pulse drive light source and luminaries

  • Compliant with reporting format of CIECAM02(Color Appearance Modelling for Color Management Systems)

  • Compliant with reporting format of CIE2000:2011, taking mesopic vision(Purkinje effect) into consideration

Wavelength range355 ~ 835nm
Viewing angle0.1°, 0.2°, 1°, 2°
*Measurement distance240mm ~ ∞
Minimum spot diameter2°: < 10mm, 1°: < 5mm, 0.2°: < 1mm, 0.1°: < 0.5mm
Luminance accuracy± 2%
Chromaticity accuracy± 0.002
Size and weight187(W) x 400(D) x 249(H)mm, approx. 7.5kg

*the distance from object lens top


Measurement items (*option)

  • Radiance Luminance(W/sr/m2)

  • Luminance(cd/m2)

  • Chromaticity coordinates x, y [ CIE1931]

  • Chromaticity coordinates u', v' [ CIE1976 ]

  • Chromaticity coordinates U', V' [ CIE1976 ]

  • Correlated color temperature

  • CIE standard observer 2°/10°

  • Tristimulus value xyz

  • Tristimulus value XYZ

  • Deviation

  • Four arithmetic operations of spectrum data

  • Functional processing of spectrum data

  • *Color gamut(NTSC ratio)

  • **Response time 

  • ***Brightness(J)(Q) 

  • ***Saturation(s) 

  • ***Chroma(C) 

  • ***Colorfulness(M) 

  • ****Equivalent luminance

    **HS-1000RT / ***CIECAM02 complied / ****CIE200:2011 complied

  • Spectrum, luminance, color, CCT measurement of LCD, PDP, OLED and LED display

  • Spectrum, luminance, color, CRI measurement of lamp and luminaries

  • Benchmarking of various luminance or colorimeter instruments

  • Non-contact object color measurement

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