Headlamp aiming photometric tester

(for full assembly line)


(for full assembly line)

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This equipment performs comprehensive test at the terminal line of automobile headlamp manufacturing, which provides inspection capability of the headlamp equipped with the latest technology(all types of light source, smart control technology).

Based on our optical measurement technology, we are providing electro-optical inspection capability that meets the demand of our customers. 

#multi beam LED headlight, SMART LED headlamp, HLLD, ADB, AFS, low/high beam

 Features  (*option)
  • Automotive headlamp inspection under mass production environment(EOL)
    - headlamp sub-assembly(LED/HID projector module)
    - headlamp full assembly(all types of light source)

  • Fast cycle time at both low and high beam inspection
    - normally 10 ~ 15sec. for headlamp sub-assembly
    - normally 40 ~ 50sec. for headlamp full assembly

  • Supports user defined test sequence
  • Accesses control to parameters(test conditions, system parameters)
  • Supports photometric inspections corresponds to worldwide regulations e.g. ECE, SAE
  • Covers production line requirements
    - full-auto, semi-auto, manual operation mode
    - *interfaces to work feeding systems
    - *PLC or field-bus interface
    - *interfaces to the factory production management systems e.g. MES

  • Custom order available
  • Global reference sites(automotive lamp manufacturing companies)
  • *Custom-made work handling jigs
  • *Motorized alignment or aiming tools
  • *CAN/LIN interfaces
  • *Bar-code integration and data tracing
Light Detect unit
Optical field of viewhorizontal: ± 10° / vertical: ± 5°
Light axis detection repeatability± 0.1°
Luminous intensity range100 ~ 100,000cd
Luminous intensity accuracy± 10%

Measurement items (*option)
  • High speed beam aiming
    - low/high/fog

  • Precision beam alignment
    - multi LED low beam
    (mis-alignment of multi LED low beam may cause photometric defects on LID profile e.g. multi cut-off line, blur, dart-spot)
    - multi LED high beam e.g. adaptive driving beam

  • Photometric test
    - luminous intensity of arbitrary point
    - max. intensity
    - sharpness of cut-off line(SAE G value of low beam)

  • LID(Light Intensity Distribution) profile
    - position and size of hot-zone
    - shape of cut-off line
    - LID profile of sub beams of LED multi beam

  • Electrical characteristics
  • *Functional tests for actuators
    - dynamic vending light(AFS)
    - automatic leveling device
    - bi-functional projector headlamp

  • *Chromatic aberration inspection of cut-off line
  • *Headlamp embedded ADAS module functional test
    - LiDAR module(aiming, diagnostic test)