Headlamp aimer

Headlamp aimer

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HLA inspects headlamp aiming during the final assembly or quality inspection phase of an automotive assembly line. With the automatic headlamp tracing function, fast and repeatable aiming is possible. As we have been supplying this aiming system to many global vehicle manufacturing companies, it supports all kinds of the light source and production line type.

 Features  (*option)
  • Automotive headlamp aiming system especially designed for vehicle production factory
    - headlamp aiming(all types of light source, high/low beam, ECE/SAE beam pattern)
    - fog lamp aiming

Setup images for production line and audit station

                           ▲   production line setup   ▲                                                                    ▲ audit station setup ▲

  • Quick and repeatable aiming performance pointing run target position
  • Automatic headlamp tracing function
  • Floor or gantry type available
  • Meets production line requirements
    - full-auto, semi-auto, manual operation mode
    - PLC or field-bus interface
    - touch screen control station
    - industrial grade computer
    - interfaces to the factory production management systems e.g. MES

  • Global reference sites(vehicle manufacturing companies)
  • *Motorized aiming tools
  • *Vehicle centering device
  • *Interfaces to wheel alignment machine
Light Detect unit
Optical field of viewhorizontal: ± 4° / vertical: ± 3.5°
Light axis detection repeatability2σ < 0.1°
Luminous intensity range100 ~ 125,000cd
Luminous intensity accuracy± 10%

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