Load port compatible wafer geometry metrology
(Substrate/Chip manufacturing)

Load port compatible film thickness measurement

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Identifying any defect or loss on a wafer immediate is a critical part of labs and manufacturers. GS-300 helps Si wafer measurement in real-time and understanding the wafer characteristics at a glance by visualizing the results in a color-coded grid.

GS-300’s measurement system is compatible with load port, it is available as a spare unit of Φ300mm EFEM port and still adopts pattern matching and X-Y motion reproducibility of 2μm or less accuracy using RθXY stage.

  • Compatible with the spare unit of Φ300mm EFEM port

  • Achieves pattern alignment of wiring patterns embedded in wafers

  • Responds to high throughput requirements of semiconductor process

  • Supports high precision notch alignment function
  • Minimized size allows installation in small spaces
  • GS-300 in the process of wafer manufacturing:
    In the substrate manufacturing process, GS-300 works for wafer geometry metrology. In the chip manufacturing process, it works for wafer geometry metrology, wafer thin film measurement and transmittance·relectance measurement

[Operation video]

TypeIntegration mapping system
Stage typeRθXY stage
Measurement systemmicroscope head + IR camera
Max. wafer sizeΦ300mm
Wafer angle correction functionO
Pattern alignment functionO
Wafer thickness rangeSF-3 thickness sensor specification
500(W) x 500(D) x 1680(H)mm (monitor and keyboard are not included)

Measurable samples(example)
  • Silicon thickness after grinding TSV embedded pattern wafer
  • Φ300mm thickness wafer

Measured data

> Φ300mm wafer after grinding

Example: measurement data by GS-300

Si film thickness distribution(approx. 771μm)

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