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RETS 100

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RETS 100 Retardation film and material evaluation system

RETS100 evaluates polarization characteristics of optical film.

It evaluates wavelength dispersion of retardation and automatic detection of the orientation angle and optical axis.

#TFT, TN, STN, IPS, VA mode cell gap, retardation measurement, system(gen1 ~ gen10.5), LCD cell

 Features  (*option)
  • Accurate retardation measurement at designated wavelength with MCPD as a detector

  • *Evaluation of viewing-angle characteristics including Rth parameter analysis with tilt/rotation stage

  • Fixable sample stage for each sample size

  • Precise measurement of micro retardation(0.1nm or more)

  • Measures retardation and axis of each layer for multi-layered sample with non-destructive testing

Rotation measuring rangerotating analyzer method: approx. 0nm ~ tens of μm
light interference method: approx. 450nm ~ several μm
Retardation repeatability*3σ ≤ 0.08nm
Sample stageX-Y stagesample size: min. 20 x 20mm / max. 100 x 100mm
thickness: 2.5mm or less
tilt/rotation stagesample size: min. 25 x 25mm / max. 100 x 100mm
tilt angle: ± 50° / rotation angle: ± 180°
Detectorarray spectrometer: 512ch photodiode array
wavelength range: 400nm ~ 800nm
accuracy: ± 0.5nm
Polarizing optionmeasurement spot diameterφ 1mm, φ 2mm, φ 5mm, φ 10mm(aperture switch)
polarizing unit for
collimating optics

Glan-Thompson prism extinction ratio 10^-5

automatic rotation(angle accuracy 0.1°)

automatic loading/unloading

2 units for polarizer and analyzer


receiving fiber(quartz) / emitting fiber(quartz)

Light source100W halogen lamp
Data processorPC, monitor
Size and weight540(W) × 580(D) × 1000(H)mm, approx. 60kg
Power supplyAC 100V ± 10V, 1.5kVA

*quartz crystal wavelength plate(approx. 600nm, 2 plates at λ 550nm) 

Measurement items (*option)
  • Retardation

  • Wavelength dispersion of retardation

  • Sample tilting angle

  • Azimuth, ellipticity

  • Polarization measurement

  • Spectroscopic measurement

  • Chromaticity measurement

  • Nx, Ny, Nz, Rth

  • *Haze

  • *Optical elasticity

  • Optical film, retardation film, ellipsoidal film, retardation plate, polarizing film, function added polarizing film, polarizing plate

  • Polarizing measurement of LC material and LC cell, optical parts for polarizing light(TN, STN, IPS, VA, OCB)