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RETS-100nx is a retardation measuring system for all kinds of films such as an OLED polarizing plate, a laminated retardation film, and a polarizing plate with retardation film for IPS liquid crystal. A method we use to measure laminated film is the 'non-destructive without peeling.' RETS-100nx even measures exceptionally high retardation as 60,000nm with high speed and high precision.

Furthermore, we provide a simple software installing a correction function that copes with misalignment due to sample re-placement to support your operation environment. So you can easily acquire high-precision measurement results.

  • High precision measurement with the original spectrometer
    1) High precision
    Accurate measurement achieved due to multi-wavelength measurement
    A graph showing RETS-100nx's high precision measurement
    [Keys to high accuracy]
    ・Original high-performance multi-channel spectrophotometer, MCPD installed.
    ・Huge amount of transmittance information obtained. (The obtained transmittance information is about 500 wavelengths, about 50 times that of other companies' products)

    2) Wide retardation measurement range of 0~60,000nm
    A graph showing RETS-100nx's wide measurement range
    3) Provides wavelength dispersion of retardation
    A graph of RETS-100nx's wavelength dispersion
  • Measurement range covers even the exceptionally high retardation - it measures retardation film with high speed and high precision
    Measurement process of high retardation
  • Multi-layered film measurement - laminated state of various films can be measured with the non-destructive method without peeling
    Various films measurable with RETS-100nx
  • Axial correction function - easy and reproducible measurement even if a sample is misaligned
    ■ Results compared with and without correction function after replacing samples 10 repetitions
    【 Sample:Retardation film R85 】Comparison data of with/without axial correction function
  • Simple software - measurement and processing time are hugely reduced, and operability got greatly improved
    Software screen of RETS-100nx

Retardation measurement range0 ~ 60000nm
Retardation repeatability3σ≦0.08nm(crystal wave plate approx. 600nm)
Cell gap measurement range 0 ~ 600μm(Δn=0.1)
Cell gap repeatability3σ≦0.005μm(Cell gap approx. 3μm, Δn=0.1)
Axis detection repeatability3σ≦0.08°(crystal wave plate approx. 600nm)
Wavelength measurement range 400 ~ 800nm(other options available)
DetectorMulti-channel spectrometer
Spot sizeφ7㎜(standard spec.)
Light source100W Halogen lamp
Stage(standard)100㎜ x 100㎜(fixed stage)
Size480(W) x 520(D) x 765(H)mm

· High retardation measurement

· Multi-layer measurement

· Axial angle correction function

· Automatic XY stage

· Automatic tilt-rotation stage

Measurement items
Film, optical material

Retardation(wavelength dispersion), slow axis, Rth*,3D refractive index*, etc.

Polarizing plate

Absorption axis, degree of polarization, extinction ratio, various chromaticity, various transmittance, etc.

Liquid crystal cell
Cell gap, pre-tilt angle*, twist angle, bonding angle, etc.

*requires optional 'Tilt-rotation' stage

 Optical systems 

Optical systems of RETS-100nx

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