LCD cell gap measurement

LCD cell gap measurement

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RETS series

With the increasing demand for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the structure of LCD displays is becoming more and more diverse. RETS series support you evaluate LCD cell and color filter efficiently. Regardless of its type(whether it is reflection or transmission), you can simply understand the characteristics of samples with the RETS series. e.g. filled cell gap, empty cell gap, optical axis, chromaticity, retardation dispersion, etc.

  • Polarization optical system and array spectrometer

  • Measures various size of samples(from 1mm optical element to 10th generation large LCD panels)

  • Complying LCD production requirement for safety measurement and dust prevention

Sample size*20mm x 20mm
Measurement range(cell gap)0.1μm ~ tens of 10μm
Measurement reproducibility±0.005μm
Detectorarray spectrometer
Wavelength400nm ~ 800nm
Polarizer unitpolarization optics
extinction ratio: 10^-5(Glan-Thompson prism)
automatic rotation(angle accuracy: 0.1°)
Spot sizeφ2, φ5, φ10(mm)
Tilt mechanism for optic axis-20 ~ 45°, -45 ~ 45° other

*measures various size of samples over 2,000mm x 2,000mm

Measurement items
  • Filled cell gap

  • Twist angle

  • Rubbing angle

  • Pretilt angle

  • Empty cell gap

  • Retardation dispersion

  • Optical axis

  • Ellipticity, azimuth angle

  • Three-dimensional refractive index

  • Spectrum, chromaticity

Measurable samples
  • LCD Cell
    - transmission type(TFT, TN, STN, IPS, VA, OCB, ferroelectric)
    - reflection type(TFT, TN, IPS, VA)

  • Optical Material
     - other(retardation / ellipticity / polarization film, LC material)

Retardation dispersion at each wavelength and cell gap

Retardation dispersion graph

Distribution data in the gap surface

Surface distribution graph

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