Microscopic spectro-photometer


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OPTM(UV SR) series

Advances in technology have made the role of nanomaterials even more important. The OPTM series enable microscopic measurement and study than conventional products. Non-destructive and non-contact testing encourages you to precisely measure coating film thickness and multilayer thin film of optical materials. Also, high-speed measurement within 1 second per point is possible. OPTM series offer you an optimum solution. Software is easy to use even for beginners by making optical constant analysis simple.

  • An optical system measuring with a wide wavelength range from UV to NIR

  • Non-contact, non-destructive, high speed microscopic measurement available less than one second

  • Measures the absolute reflectance of sample to obtain accurate film thickness and optical constant(n, k)



Wavelength rangeAutomatic XY stage typeFixed frame typeBuilt-in head type
230 ~ 800nmOPTM-A1OPTM-F1
360 ~ 1,100nmOPTM-A2
900 ~ 1,600nmOPTM-A3

SpecificationsStrokeRepeatabilityStroke resolution
Automatic XY stage typeX: 200mm, Y: 225mm2μm1μm

Specification selections(choose one for each item)

Wavelength rangeFilm thickness meas. rangeDetectorLight source
230 ~ 800nm
1nm ~ 35μmCCDdeuterium + halogen
360 ~ 1,100nm
7nm ~ 49μmCCDdeuterium + halogen
900 ~ 1,600nm
16nm ~ 92μmInGaAshalogen

TypeMagnificationMeasurement spot diameterViewing field
Reflective objective type2x lens∅ 100μm∅ 4,000μm
10x lens∅ 20μm∅ 800μm
20x lens∅ 10μm∅ 400μm
40x lens∅ 5μm∅ 200μm
Visible refractive type5x lens∅ 40μm∅ 1,600μm

Measurement items
  • Reflectance(absolute, relative)

  • Thickness(from Å to ㎛)

  • Optical constant(n, k)

Measurable samples

  • Evaporated film for semiconductor/display fabrication

  • Coated film on PET or flexible substrate

  • Laminate film of transparent materials