Display evaluation

OLED(RGB, white), LED(micro, mini)

Imaging luminance-colorimeter


Color filter

Color filter spectral inspection system


LCD cell gap measurement

RETS series

Retardation measurement system RETS-100nx



OPTM(UV SR) series

Spectro ellipsometer

FE-5000 series

Sheet resistance


OLED(RGB, white), LED(micro, mini)

Imaging luminance-colorimeter HS-1000H
  • Two-dimensional luminance meter that measures the optical characteristics flawlessly and promptly by combining high-performance spectrophotometer and camera
  • Copes with all luminance ranges required by display [measurement range: over 0.005nit, speed: max. 30 times per second]
  • Evaluates luminance uniformity of various display and light sources from small to large size

Color filter

Color filter spectral inspection system LCF
  • Evaluates FPD manufacturing process including optical property analysis and thin film analysis
  • Measurement of transmission spectrum, color, concentration, film thickness and reflection spectrum
  • Fully automated tests by recipe registration

LCD cell gap measurement RETS series
  • Polarization optical system and array spectrometer
  • Cell gap measurement for LCD cell and empty cell with color filter
  • Measures various size of samples(from 1mm optical element to 10th generation large LCD panels)

Retardation measurement system RETS-100nx
  • Measures laminated films by a non-destructive method
  • Measures exceptionally high retardation as 60,000nm with high speed and high precision
  • The axial correction function improves accuracy even for repeated sample replacement


Microscopic spectro-photometer OPTM(UV SR) series
  • An optical system measuring with a wide wavelength range from UV to NIR
  • Able to measure under non-contact, non-destructive condition with high speed microscopic less than one second
  • Measures the absolute reflectance of sample to obtain accurate film thickness and optical constant(n, k)

Spectro ellipsometer FE-5000 series
  • Ellipsometry measurement for both visible and ultraviolet-ray range(250 ~ 800nm)
  • Applied with automatic angle adjusting mechanism
  • High operability with optical constant database and recipe registration function

Sheet resistance RS
  • Sheet resistance
  • Both contact and non-contact measurement mode are possible
  • CV < 1.5% of reproducibility

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