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CMS(Camera Monitor System) is kind of an indirect vision system used for automobile, using camera and monitor instead of a mirror.

CMS module tester is designed for testing system of the CMS module. It is used by companies who are developing or making CMS modules, or labs in automotive industry.

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  • Tests CMS module according to relative regulation(UNECE R46) and technical standards(ISO16505)

  • Supports Class I ~ Class IV CMS module testing

  • Optimal for product development and quality control of CMS module and related parts manufacturing

  • Module system layout:

    Photometer: spectrophotometer, imaging photometer etc.
    - Solar light source: CMS monitor, CMS camera, test chart lighting
    - Motor drive stage: CMS monitor, CMS camera, photometer, test chart posture control
    - Test chart: 2X ~ 4X size charts
 Test items 
  • Directional uniformity - CMS monitor center luminance isotropic

  • Lateral uniformity - CMS monitor side luminance uniformity

  • Luminance and contrast rendering - CMS Monitor brightness contrast ratio, environmental conditions(daylight, sunset, night, etc.)

  • Grey scale rendering - gradient expression

  • Color rendering - color expression

  • Smear - camera smear characteristics

  • Blooming and lens flare - CMS camera blooming, lens flare characteristics

  • Point light sources - point light source detection capability(250m rear headlamp expression)

  • Sharpness - image sharpness

  • Depth of field - resolution according to image depth(4, 6, 10m distance)

  • Geometric distortion - camera space distortion

  • Flicker - CMS Monitor flicker characteristics

  • Frame rate - CMS video frame rate

  • Image formation time - CMS video response speed

  • System latency - CMS video display delay time

  • Functional test system for CMS module(CMS camera, CMS monitor, ECU)
  • Testing system for CMS module mounted in automobile(trucks, passenger car and etc.)
  • Final inspection system for CMS module production line