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GP series

GP series evaluates goniophotometric characteristics for vehicle displays and headlights up to 2,400mm. It can handle a wide range of lighting fixtures from room lighting to floodlights and is customizable to meet your multi-purpose needs.

  • Up to 2,400mm of LED lightings can be measured

  • Compatible with vehicle displays and headlights' goniophotometric measurement

  • By automatically controlling a biaxial goniometer to measure spectral distribution at every angle, spectral total radiant flux, total luminous flux, chromaticity, color temperature, etc. can be obtained

  • The newly adopted detector has a wide dynamic range

  • Compliant with IESNA LM-75 and CIE121

  • Optic type B and C can be chosen at the same time(in case of GP-2000)
  • Spectral radiant flux can be calculated even in UV - NIR light area
*Opticstype Ctype Ctype B, type C
Optical path length< 500mm500 ~ 1,500mm1,500 ~ 12,000mm
Measurable sampleLED chipgeneral lighting modulegeneral lighting
incl. fluorescent tube
Detectorarray spectrometer
Wavelength**360 ~ 830nm

*two-axis goniometer

**wavelength for detector can be adjustable

Types of coordinate system in light distribution measurement(JIS C 8105-5)

Vertical angleHorizontal angleIESNA LM-75
-90° ≦ α ≦ 90°
-180° ≦ β ≦ 180°
type B
0° ≦ θ ≦ 180°
0° ≦ φ ≦ 360°
type C

Measurement images of Type B and C

Measurement items
  • Angular distribution(light distribution)

  • Spectral radiant flux(spectrum)

  • Chromaticity(u,v) 〔CIE 1960UCS〕

  • Spectral radiant intensity(spectrum)

  • Chromaticity(u’,v’) 〔CIE 1976UCS〕

  • Chromaticity(x,y) 〔JIS Z 8724〕

  • Dominant wavelength and Excitation purity 〔JIS Z 8701:1999〕

  • Correlated color temperature and Duv 〔JIS Z 8725〕

  • Color rendering index(Ra, R1~R15) 〔JIS Z 8726〕

 System configuration 

System configurations of Type B and C

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