Headlamp aimer

(Absolute Screen Aimer)

Headlamp aimer

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ASA-1000 is a device used by the manufacturer of the finished vehicle or the headlamp manufacturer (the finished vehicle environment)

Upgrade is also available for new models (new lamps). 

  • It can be used by manufacturers of finished cars and lamps for the aiming of various light sources.                                    

    -. Both low beam, high beam available                                    

    -. Global aiming standard response using various algorithms                                    

    -. Selection of the aiming standard (master car) with sufficient testing before setting the run target                                    

    -. Securing repeatability by checking the physical vehicle center using a laser (vs. visual aiming)                                    

       (Minimize impact on human error )                                    

    -. Simple configuration / reliable data / easy and fast setup with detectors and screens                                    

    -. Darkroom environment (*Customer prepares space including darkroom)                                    

Light Detect unit
Optical field of viewhorizontal: ± 4° / vertical: ± 3.5°
Light axis detection repeatability2σ < 0.1°
Luminous intensity range100 ~ 125,000cd
Luminous intensity accuracy± 10%

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