Headlamp aimer

(Absolute Screen Aimer)

Headlamp aimer

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ASA-1000 is a device used by the manufacturer of the finished vehicle or the headlamp manufacturer (the finished vehicle environment) 

to check and select the aiming of the headlamps and during select the standard vehicle (master car) prior to the development and mass production of new models.        

As many global vehicle manufacturers and lamp manufacturers supply aiming systems, it can respond to all types of light sources. 

Upgrade is also available for new models (new lamps). 

  • It can be used by manufacturers of finished cars and lamps for the aiming of various light sources.                                    

    - Both low beam, high beam available                                    

    - Global aiming standard response using various algorithms                                    

    - Selection of the aiming standard (master car) with sufficient testing before setting the run target                                    

    - Securing repeatability by checking the physical vehicle center using a laser (vs. visual aiming)                                    

       (Minimize impact on human error )                                    

    - Simple configuration / reliable data / easy and fast setup with detectors and screens                                    

    - Darkroom environment (*Customer prepares space including darkroom)  
    *After purchasing the device, additional upgrades may incur additional costs.                                 

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